See beyond what your eyes can see.

The idea of ‘Invisible Krakow’ project


Let’s imagine a world engulfed by darkness. You can see nothing and have to get by without your eyesight. You prick up your ears, engage your smell, taste and touch – and they all take you on a fascinating journey through the world of senses. By participating in the ‘Invisible Krakow’ project you experience the magic of discovering the world without your vision. Our guides will take you on a walk around the city and invite you for a degustation in a restaurant.

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Our guests’ reviews:

The initial uncertainty, maybe even a slight fear, is immediately neutralized by professional and caring attitude of the guide. The tour, on the one hand, teaches you what the people with visual disability involuntarily experience every day, but on the other hand, shows you that the rest of your senses can also recompense the lack of vision with great success.
The walk made me hear the sound of the city. The streets I thought I had learnt by heart, proved me wrong and revealed many more secrets. It’s an adventure perfect for anyone who’s brave enough to break the patterns and see what their eyes cannot.
The tour was an amazing discovery to me. The city that I had already known, really surprised me, showing the dimensions I hadn’t been able to notice before. Blindfolded sightseeing truly sharpens all your senses!